Who needs an IT strategy?

It may seem a strange question in the digital age, but do organisations need an IT strategy anymore? At a time when technology is playing such a key role in the transformation of every industry, disrupting established markets, driving innovation in products and services, and enabling completely new ways of working, surely having an IT […]

Four steps to help CIOs drive innovation and strategy

Technology is fundamental to the digital business. It underpins and enables new business models, products and services. As the organisation’s technology leader, the CIO can play a key role in shaping and leading the digital transformation of their business. Certainly this is what their C-suite colleagues think; in a recent survey of 420 global business […]

The CIO’s strategic dilemma

It is probably one of the most challenging and long-standing issues that CIOs face: how to be more strategic when most of their time and resources are consumed by day-to-day activities and keeping the lights on. And two recent surveys have not only provided a stark reminder of this dilemma, but have also highlighted how […]