Insourcing is not the answer

The Cabinet Office recently announced that it had saved 40% on its IT budget by replacing its contract with services provider Fujitsu with an in-house service. The Fujitsu contract, which was signed in 2007 and expired in January 2015, covered a diverse range of services including data centre/hosting, fully managed infrastructure, desktop hardware and software, […]

Don’t be the break-fix guy

These days CIOs are regularly being told that they need to be more strategic, that they need to reposition themselves as a business leader first and technology leader second and that they need to be spending more time with their C-suite peers, focusing on the customer and proactively identifying ways in which technology can be […]

Are CIOs reluctant to let go?

In my previous article, The CIO’s strategic dilemma, I wrote about the long-standing challenge facing CIOs who need to free up the budget, time and resource they spend on maintaining and supporting the organisation’s current systems to focus on the areas where they can add real value to the business. The article was prompted by […]