When will this madness stop?

During a recent presentation to a group of CIOs about my book, Disrupt IT, I used data from an Accenture survey to demonstrate why an increasing number of CMOs are being tempted to bypass their IT function and deal directly with IT suppliers. The purpose of using the data was to illustrate the need for […]

The definition of insanity?

It is almost a year since I wrote an article entitled CIOs: CMOs do not want your job in which I talked about the relationship between the two roles and in particular how CMOs needed their IT function to work differently to support the organisation’s digital transformation. One of the sources I used in that […]

CIOs need to look beyond the CMO

All you need to do to become a successful digital business is get your CIO and CMO to play nicely with each other and everything else will fall in to place. Or so it would appear from the seemingly endless supply of articles and surveys talking about the importance of the CIO-CMO relationship to digital […]

The CIO’s dream CEO

That was my reaction recently when I read an article by Martha Heller on CIO UK’s sister site in the US. The article was based on an interview with Michael White, CEO of DirecTV, a satellite TV company with 32 million customers in the US and Latin America. So what prompted this reaction? When asked […]

Behind enemy lines

The title of this post is very much tongue in cheek, although if you believe some of the headlines and analyst opinions doing the rounds, CIOs everywhere are apparently at war with their marketing and PR colleagues. There is no such war, of course, but there are some tensions between the two functions as I […]