It’s not just CIOs who need to flip

CIOs are constantly being told what they need to do to become their organisation’s digital leaders. Just this week Gartner released the results of its annual CIO survey with a headline telling CIOs to “flip their leadership styles to grasp the digital opportunity.” With technology being fundamental to the digital business the Gartner report states […]

CIO: what business are you in?

This seems like a simple question doesn’t it? Yet if you look at the structure, resources, skills and processes of most IT departments you would probably be none the wiser, or perhaps you might even think that they are in the technology business. And if you asked the CIOs of these companies where they spend […]

Can CIOs lead digital innovation?

There was good news for CIOs in the 2014 Gartner CEO and Senior Executive Survey report published recently. When asked which member of the C-suite they would make responsible for leading digital innovation and change over the next two years, the 410 respondents identified the CIO as the most likely role. This is quite a […]

Ignorance is bliss for CIOs

I have written and spoken a lot recently about a growing gap between the capability of CIOs and IT functions, and the needs and expectations of the rest of the business. In Mind the gap, I explained how this difference has developed and why we need a new model for IT that meets the needs […]