Behind enemy lines

The title of this post is very much tongue in cheek, although if you believe some of the headlines and analyst opinions doing the rounds, CIOs everywhere are apparently at war with their marketing and PR colleagues. There is no such war, of course, but there are some tensions between the two functions as I […]

Ignorance is bliss for CIOs

I have written and spoken a lot recently about a growing gap between the capability of CIOs and IT functions, and the needs and expectations of the rest of the business. In Mind the gap, I explained how this difference has developed and why we need a new model for IT that meets the needs […]

Engage, engage, engage

cogs engaged

Much has been written about the CMO-CIO relationship recently. According to Gartner CMOs will soon outspend CIOs on IT, while some industry commentators have even gone as far as claiming the CIO will end up either reporting to the CMO or being replaced by their marketing peer altogether. And then there’s the growing trend of […]