Some employers trust their staff…on special occasions

olympic stadium and london_skyline

Some UK employers, including the Government are telling their staff that they can work from home during the Olympics and Paralympics to prevent London’s transport network from becoming even more overcrowded. Transport for London (TfL) has set a goal of reducing the number of commuter journeys across the capital by a third during the games […]

The world is on tablets


On a recent trip to Australia and Malaysia I was struck by how many tablet devices, the vast majority of which were iPads, I saw being used. Given the amount of press coverage being given to the ‘post-PC era’ which will see the PC being replaced by mobile devices accessing cloud-based services, and the spectacular […]

The Digital Natives are restless

binary digits

Time Inc, a division of Time Warner, recently published the results of a study titled ‘A Biometric Day in the Life’ that looks at the use of different media platforms and how this has been affected by the proliferation of digital devices. The results provide a fascinating insight into the media consumption habits of “Digital […]

Three ways the CIO can drive transformation in 2012

filmstrip 3

In a previous post on Transformation and the CIO I explained why I thought that CIOs were uniquely placed to drive business transformation. With the economy still struggling, the need for technology enabled innovation and transformation has never been greater. CIOs can play a key role in helping lead their organisations out of these challenging […]

The future is mobile, consumerisation is inevitable


All the research, statistics and trends are fairly conclusive; the future will be based on mobile devices in general and smartphones in particular. Here’s a selection of some recent stats on the subject: In 2011 more smartphones than PCs were sold; vendors shipped 489 million smartphones in 2011, compared to 415 million PCs, including pads […]

Bring Your Own Device: Should CIOs be worried?


Not surprisingly many CIOs will have mixed feelings about the consumerisation of IT and specifically the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Should CIOs be excited or worried by consumerisation? Should they be promoting BYOD or playing it down? The consumerisation of IT is a fairly straightforward concept but one that has potentially far reaching […]