6 reasons why CIOs should use social

In the article The Social CIO I talked about how networking, relationship building, influencing and collaboration are now are essential skills for CIOs in the digital age. Without these skills technology leaders will find it increasingly difficult to stay relevant and be involved in the major decisions and initiatives within their organisation. Being a social […]

Social Media: Do it properly or not at all

facebook, twitter and youtube logos

A recruitment company viewed my LinkedIn profile recently. Wanting to know a bit more about the company and whether it was something to get excited about I had a quick look at its website. It was a decent enough site that looked up-to-date, easy to navigate around, etc. On their Contact page were the Facebook […]

Companies must use Social Media to inform decisions

facebook, twitter and youtube logos

2011 was a big year for Social Media for a number of reasons. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube along with countless blog sites played a major role in the uprisings and protests in North Africa and the Middle East. Social Media also had a significant influence on business during 2011, causing a number […]