The end of multi-year projects?

Technology is transforming the way we do business. It is changing customer behaviour and expectations, and it is creating more dynamic markets where speed and agility are more important than size and brand. To compete in this new style of market, business strategies need to be flexible and organisations need to be able to change […]

More CIOs are turning to the cloud

Use of cloud services in the UK continues to grow is the key message from the Vanson Bourne annual survey into cloud adoption performed on behalf of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). Of the 250 senior IT and business decision makers that took part in the research, 78% said that their organisation was now using […]

Using cloud to get close to the business

In a previous article, Netflix IT is no house of cards, I described how the US company that has revolutionised how we consume films and TV shows at home and on the move, was now disrupting the traditional IT model to focus its technology resources on areas where they can add real value to the […]

Netflix IT is no house of cards

When looking for a case study of digital disruption there is probably no better example than Netflix, the US company that has revolutionised how we consume films and TV shows at home and on the move. Netflix started life in 1997 as a direct rival to Blockbuster in the DVD rental market. Instead of building […]

It really is time to trust the cloud

In August I wrote an article called It’s time to trust the cloud in which I encouraged IT departments to be proactive, to embrace and promote the cloud as a potential alternative and take a balanced view to value and risk. It prompted quite a bit of feedback on Twitter both for and against the […]

It’s time to trust the cloud

Public cloud is more secure than any private cloud is likely to be, according to Richard Sykes, chair of the Cloud Industry Forum. Speaking at the recent G-Cloud in Practice conference, Sykes explained that suppliers of public cloud services are experts in security and if security is a real issue for your organisation then you […]

Every cloud … why IT departments are more important than ever


Rewind just over 12 months when there were numerous articles proclaiming the end of the CIO role within five years; IT departments would be bypassed by CFOs and CMOs purchasing cloud services directly from vendors and without the involvement of the internal IT function. I argued against this view in a number of articles on […]

From guardians of technology to suppliers of capability

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Unfortunately I can’t take the credit for the title of this post which I have adapted from a tweet that came from the Ovum Congress 2012. The full tweet was “IT will change the emphasis from guardians of technology to suppliers of capability”. This reflects the impact that disruptive technologies, and in particular, cloud are […]

CIOs can use the cloud for more than just innovative solutions


Whichever way you look at it cloud computing is set to have a dramatic impact at both an enterprise and personal level. There are already many private companies using cloud to deliver services and the UK Government recently opened its CloudStore through which the public sector can procure cloud services. The first orders were placed […]

Three ways the CIO can drive transformation in 2012

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In a previous post on Transformation and the CIO I explained why I thought that CIOs were uniquely placed to drive business transformation. With the economy still struggling, the need for technology enabled innovation and transformation has never been greater. CIOs can play a key role in helping lead their organisations out of these challenging […]