CIO: what business are you in?

This seems like a simple question doesn’t it? Yet if you look at the structure, resources, skills and processes of most IT departments you would probably be none the wiser, or perhaps you might even think that they are in the technology business. And if you asked the CIOs of these companies where they spend […]

Four steps to help CIOs drive innovation and strategy

Technology is fundamental to the digital business. It underpins and enables new business models, products and services. As the organisation’s technology leader, the CIO can play a key role in shaping and leading the digital transformation of their business. Certainly this is what their C-suite colleagues think; in a recent survey of 420 global business […]

Netflix IT is no house of cards

When looking for a case study of digital disruption there is probably no better example than Netflix, the US company that has revolutionised how we consume films and TV shows at home and on the move. Netflix started life in 1997 as a direct rival to Blockbuster in the DVD rental market. Instead of building […]

Agility is key for CIOs in the digital age

The Oxford dictionary defines agile as able to move quickly and easily. It is a word that is increasingly being used in reference to the challenges facing organisations in the digital age. Digital markets move quickly, they are more dynamic than traditional markets and they can be disrupted more easily. To survive and succeed in […]

Are CIOs reluctant to let go?

In my previous article, The CIO’s strategic dilemma, I wrote about the long-standing challenge facing CIOs who need to free up the budget, time and resource they spend on maintaining and supporting the organisation’s current systems to focus on the areas where they can add real value to the business. The article was prompted by […]

The CIO’s strategic dilemma

It is probably one of the most challenging and long-standing issues that CIOs face: how to be more strategic when most of their time and resources are consumed by day-to-day activities and keeping the lights on. And two recent surveys have not only provided a stark reminder of this dilemma, but have also highlighted how […]

Good news and bad news for CIOs

PricewaterhouseCoopers has recently published its Annual Corporate Directors Survey for 2013 and the section on IT Oversight has mixed messages for CIOs. The report is based on a survey of 934 public company directors of which 70% serve on boards of companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue. The good news for CIOs […]

Is your organisation facing a technical debt crisis?

stack of coins

I read an article recently that talked about a mobile app that was failing to realise its potential as it was saddled with a large amount of technical debt; a term used to describe the consequences of poor architecture or design decisions within the codebase of an application. Quite often these arise as a result […]

What do you mean you don’t have a strategy?

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In my last article, Don’t Let Vendors Drive Your Strategy, I talked about the dangers of letting the agendas and targets of industry analysts and vendors influence and shape the strategic direction and priorities for IT within your organisation. As a CIO, your priorities should be set by your organisation’s priorities, and your IT strategy […]

Don’t let vendors drive your strategy

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It’s that time of year again, when industry analysts and vendors release the results of research, surveys and analysis under headlines such as “CIO priorities for 2013” or “Top 10 strategic CIO issues for 2013”. Quite often these reports comprise a list of the latest technology trends, buzz words and hot topics (as defined by […]