BYOD is the answer, now what’s the question?

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Given the continued hype around BYOD it would be easy to think that it is the solution to every organisation’s mobile requirements. Claims about the benefits it brings, that organisations have no choice but to adopt a BYOD model, that younger employees expect to be able to use their own devices in the work place […]

Is IT facing the perfect storm?

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These are both exciting and challenging times to work in IT. New technologies and trends such as cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device, (BYOD), consumerisation, social and mobile are opening up a world of new possibilities and helping to move technology from being a back-office function that supports operations to a front line service contributing […]

From guardians of technology to suppliers of capability

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Unfortunately I can’t take the credit for the title of this post which I have adapted from a tweet that came from the Ovum Congress 2012. The full tweet was “IT will change the emphasis from guardians of technology to suppliers of capability”. This reflects the impact that disruptive technologies, and in particular, cloud are […]

Bucking the trend

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I attended the 2012 launch event for the Harvey Nash Annual CIO Survey last night in London. It was a very interesting and thought provoking evening which prompted some good discussion in the main room, at the reception afterwards and on Twitter. You can get more information on the results of the survey here. One […]

CIO priorities should be business focused not technical

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In the space of a few days recently CIOs were presented with two headlines about their priorities for 2012. The first proclaimed that CIOs view infrastructure as their highest priority in the year whilst three days later application management was being declared as our top priority. And I read both of these headlines on the […]

Invest in IT if you want to grow your business

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New research has shown that IT investments increase profitability more than investments in advertising or R&D. The study, which was performed by US academics and reported in the MIT Sloan Management Review, shows that investment in more recent technologies (i.e. those deployed from 1995 onwards) have a significant impact on profitability. The study also shows […]

Three ways the CIO can drive transformation in 2012

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In a previous post on Transformation and the CIO I explained why I thought that CIOs were uniquely placed to drive business transformation. With the economy still struggling, the need for technology enabled innovation and transformation has never been greater. CIOs can play a key role in helping lead their organisations out of these challenging […]

First 100 days in a new CIO role

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I recently contributed to a discussion on Twitter about what a CIO should do in their first 100 days in a new role. As with all such questions there isn’t a generic answer that will apply to every new CIO. A number of factors will determine the detail and none more so than the circumstances […]