6 reasons why CIOs should use social

In the article The Social CIO I talked about how networking, relationship building, influencing and collaboration are now are essential skills for CIOs in the digital age. Without these skills technology leaders will find it increasingly difficult to stay relevant and be involved in the major decisions and initiatives within their organisation. Being a social […]

Spring cleaning for CIOs

The onset of spring is usually a prompt for many people to give their homes a thorough clean. Spring cleaning is also something that CIOs could benefit from doing; by clearing away or cleansing existing activities, tasks or initiatives CIOs will ensure that they and the IT function stay focused on the areas that really […]

Insourcing is not the answer

The Cabinet Office recently announced that it had saved 40% on its IT budget by replacing its contract with services provider Fujitsu with an in-house service. The Fujitsu contract, which was signed in 2007 and expired in January 2015, covered a diverse range of services including data centre/hosting, fully managed infrastructure, desktop hardware and software, […]

Don’t be the break-fix guy

These days CIOs are regularly being told that they need to be more strategic, that they need to reposition themselves as a business leader first and technology leader second and that they need to be spending more time with their C-suite peers, focusing on the customer and proactively identifying ways in which technology can be […]

It’s time to disrupt IT

For some time now I have been writing and speaking about a gap that exists between the capability of the IT function and the expectations of the rest of the business. This gap, which has existed for a number of years, is getting wider and is being filled by shadow IT and by vendors dealing […]

Agility is key for CIOs in the digital age

The Oxford dictionary defines agile as able to move quickly and easily. It is a word that is increasingly being used in reference to the challenges facing organisations in the digital age. Digital markets move quickly, they are more dynamic than traditional markets and they can be disrupted more easily. To survive and succeed in […]

Behind enemy lines

The title of this post is very much tongue in cheek, although if you believe some of the headlines and analyst opinions doing the rounds, CIOs everywhere are apparently at war with their marketing and PR colleagues. There is no such war, of course, but there are some tensions between the two functions as I […]

It’s time to trust the cloud

Public cloud is more secure than any private cloud is likely to be, according to Richard Sykes, chair of the Cloud Industry Forum. Speaking at the recent G-Cloud in Practice conference, Sykes explained that suppliers of public cloud services are experts in security and if security is a real issue for your organisation then you […]

Every cloud … why IT departments are more important than ever


Rewind just over 12 months when there were numerous articles proclaiming the end of the CIO role within five years; IT departments would be bypassed by CFOs and CMOs purchasing cloud services directly from vendors and without the involvement of the internal IT function. I argued against this view in a number of articles on […]

Don’t let vendors drive your strategy

smarmy salesman

It’s that time of year again, when industry analysts and vendors release the results of research, surveys and analysis under headlines such as “CIO priorities for 2013” or “Top 10 strategic CIO issues for 2013”. Quite often these reports comprise a list of the latest technology trends, buzz words and hot topics (as defined by […]