Uncovering the real story of digital

Over the last few years, the people running traditional organisations have been bombarded with headlines telling them that they need to become a digital business, or that they need to undertake a digital transformation of their company to avoid being disrupted by the technology-enabled start-ups that are reinventing business models, products and services. But what […]

There’s no such thing as shadow IT

Headlines and surveys about shadow IT and the measures that CIOs should take to control technology expenditure outside of their budgets are still commonplace. And, whilst the exact level of shadow IT activity may be difficult to quantify and will vary across different organisations, one thing is clear: technology budgets held by non-IT functions are […]

Do you have the right type of IT?

There has never been a better time to work in IT; never has technology been so fundamental, so strategic and so important as it is in the digital age. Technology is being used to create new types of products and services, enhance existing products and services and create deeper, more rewarding customer experiences. And it […]

When will this madness stop?

During a recent presentation to a group of CIOs about my book, Disrupt IT, I used data from an Accenture survey to demonstrate why an increasing number of CMOs are being tempted to bypass their IT function and deal directly with IT suppliers. The purpose of using the data was to illustrate the need for […]

The good, the bad and the ridiculous

CIOs never cease to amaze me. And I mean that in both a positive and negative sense. On the positive side we have CIOs such as Stephen Kneebone, Phil Jordan and Christina Scott who topped this year’s CIO 100. These CIOs are using technology to help transform their organisations. They are both business and technology […]

More CIOs are turning to the cloud

Use of cloud services in the UK continues to grow is the key message from the Vanson Bourne annual survey into cloud adoption performed on behalf of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). Of the 250 senior IT and business decision makers that took part in the research, 78% said that their organisation was now using […]

Four steps to help CIOs drive innovation and strategy

Technology is fundamental to the digital business. It underpins and enables new business models, products and services. As the organisation’s technology leader, the CIO can play a key role in shaping and leading the digital transformation of their business. Certainly this is what their C-suite colleagues think; in a recent survey of 420 global business […]

Are CIOs reluctant to let go?

In my previous article, The CIO’s strategic dilemma, I wrote about the long-standing challenge facing CIOs who need to free up the budget, time and resource they spend on maintaining and supporting the organisation’s current systems to focus on the areas where they can add real value to the business. The article was prompted by […]

Good news and bad news for CIOs

PricewaterhouseCoopers has recently published its Annual Corporate Directors Survey for 2013 and the section on IT Oversight has mixed messages for CIOs. The report is based on a survey of 934 public company directors of which 70% serve on boards of companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue. The good news for CIOs […]

It’s time to trust the cloud

Public cloud is more secure than any private cloud is likely to be, according to Richard Sykes, chair of the Cloud Industry Forum. Speaking at the recent G-Cloud in Practice conference, Sykes explained that suppliers of public cloud services are experts in security and if security is a real issue for your organisation then you […]