The end of multi-year projects?

Technology is transforming the way we do business. It is changing customer behaviour and expectations, and it is creating more dynamic markets where speed and agility are more important than size and brand. To compete in this new style of market, business strategies need to be flexible and organisations need to be able to change […]

Uncovering the real story of digital

Over the last few years, the people running traditional organisations have been bombarded with headlines telling them that they need to become a digital business, or that they need to undertake a digital transformation of their company to avoid being disrupted by the technology-enabled start-ups that are reinventing business models, products and services. But what […]

The fog of an IT implementation

The fog of war is a phrase that is used to describe the confusion and uncertainty that is encountered during a military conflict when information becomes inaccurate, incomplete and distorted. This fog makes it difficult, if not impossible, for leaders to get a detailed or precise view of what is happening on the ground, which […]

There’s no such thing as shadow IT

Headlines and surveys about shadow IT and the measures that CIOs should take to control technology expenditure outside of their budgets are still commonplace. And, whilst the exact level of shadow IT activity may be difficult to quantify and will vary across different organisations, one thing is clear: technology budgets held by non-IT functions are […]

A checklist for the modern CIO

This is a both an exciting and a challenging time to be a CIO; the way organisations are using technology is changing and this is placing new demands on technology leaders and changing what is expected of the CIO role. In the digital world, CIOs are required to be business leaders who are responsible for […]

Breaking out of IT

The disruptive CIO is becoming a popular phrase to describe a new brand of IT leader that challenges the status quo, introduces radical new approaches and acts as a catalyst for change across the organisation. And a small, but growing number of CIOs already refer to themselves as being disruptive whilst many others aspire to […]

Get yourself connected

The need for IT leaders to be highly engaged with stakeholders inside and outside of their organisation is a subject that I have covered a number of times in this blog. It is also something that I discussed in my book, Disrupt IT, and regularly features in the mentoring work I do with CIOs, IT […]

Winning the war for talent

With more organisations embracing digital as a way of generating new revenue streams and realising efficiencies, the demand for skills in areas such as security, cloud, mobile, data, analytics and architecture is on the rise. And, perhaps not surprisingly, many CIOs say that they are either already experiencing difficulties finding enough suitably skilled candidates in […]

Stop thinking like an IT person

There is no doubt that technology is becoming more important to how we do business; companies across a wide range of sectors are using technology to redefine markets, create new revenue streams, enhance the customer experience and transform business and operating models. This is digital business and eventually it will come to every industry and […]

From back office techie to digital leader

So, this is great time to be a CIO. Technology is transforming industries, enabling new business models and creating new revenue streams. As the organisation’s technology leader, the CIO has a key role to play in shaping the digital journey. But what if the executive team and the wider organisation do not view the CIO […]