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Spot the CIO

The annual unveiling of the CIO 100, a list of the UK’s most transformative technology leaders, took place in London recently. As in previous years the list demonstrates the role that the UK’s leading CIOs are playing in the transformation of organisations of varying sizes across different industries. As a former CIO and a previous […]

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A tale of two CIOs

Two news stories about major decisions made by CIOs have caught my attention recently. The two articles in question highlight one of the key issues facing the CIO role at the moment; in the digital age, with technology playing a key role in enabling new business models, products and services, and with non-IT functions becoming […]

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Themes from the CIO 100

So the judging process for the 2015 CIO 100, the list that recognises the most transformative CIOs in the UK, is now complete. There were some very impressive submissions for this year’s list with CIOs from a range of different industries demonstrating how they were initiating and leading technology-enabled business transformation within their organisations. It […]

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Spring cleaning for CIOs

The onset of spring is usually a prompt for many people to give their homes a thorough clean. Spring cleaning is also something that CIOs could benefit from doing; by clearing away or cleansing existing activities, tasks or initiatives CIOs will ensure that they and the IT function stay focused on the areas that really […]

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Evolution is key to CIO success

CIOs have a reputation for having relatively short tenures when compared to other members of the C-suite. Depending on which study you read the average time a CIO spends in a role is between three and five years, with four years being the most commonly reported timescale. Chief Financial Officers appear to last longer with […]

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The CIO role is not getting more difficult

Technology has never been so important, so strategic and so fundamental to businesses as it is in the digital age. Technologies such as social, mobile and cloud are enabling new and disruptive business models, and have helped move technology from being a back-office function that supports operations to a front line service contributing directly to […]

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The social CIO

At the recent event hosted by CIO Magazine, Rob Fraser, the former CIO of Sainsbury’s, talked about the importance of building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders throughout the business. Fraser explained how he made time for networking with his peers within the C-suite at the supermarket business and how he viewed this as a […]

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Disrupt IT – one year on

A year ago I published the book Disrupt IT in which I defined a new model for IT that meets the needs of the digital business. The book also described seven principles that provide CIOs and Boards with a framework for building the IT capability their organisation needs to succeed in the digital age. The […]

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Embed for success

The level and nature of engagement between IT and the rest of the business has long been a challenge for CIOs. IT departments are often separated from their colleagues in other business functions as a result of what they do, how they work and even the language they use. As a CIO I witnessed countless […]

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Insourcing is not the answer

The Cabinet Office recently announced that it had saved 40% on its IT budget by replacing its contract with services provider Fujitsu with an in-house service. The Fujitsu contract, which was signed in 2007 and expired in January 2015, covered a diverse range of services including data centre/hosting, fully managed infrastructure, desktop hardware and software, […]

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