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More CIOs are turning to the cloud

Use of cloud services in the UK continues to grow is the key message from the Vanson Bourne annual survey into cloud adoption performed on behalf of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). Of the 250 senior IT and business decision makers that took part in the research, 78% said that their organisation was now using […]

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CIOs need to look beyond the CMO

All you need to do to become a successful digital business is get your CIO and CMO to play nicely with each other and everything else will fall in to place. Or so it would appear from the seemingly endless supply of articles and surveys talking about the importance of the CIO-CMO relationship to digital […]

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CIO: what business are you in?

This seems like a simple question doesn’t it? Yet if you look at the structure, resources, skills and processes of most IT departments you would probably be none the wiser, or perhaps you might even think that they are in the technology business. And if you asked the CIOs of these companies where they spend […]

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The case for disruption

Corporate IT is being disrupted. Technologies such as social, mobile and cloud have changed how consumers and businesses are using technology. They are also placing new demands on the IT function; technology is now more accessible to non-IT staff, awareness and knowledge of its application within the enterprise has never been higher and, as a […]

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A blueprint for the future of IT

In February I published Disrupt IT, a book that defines a new model for IT that meets the needs of the digital business. The model is both radical and disruptive; it has to be as IT functions themselves are being disrupted and, as corporate history has shown us, the only way to survive disruption is […]

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Not another vendor presentation…

The main conference and event season is in full swing. And this means plenty of opportunities for networking, learning about new trends and technologies as well as listening to CIOs, consultants and suppliers sharing their case studies, new thinking, and advice on how to tackle the latest challenges facing IT. But along with these valuable […]

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